About RCG

Partnering with Riata provides access to a high-energy and experienced investment team that brings both financial and operating expertise.

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Over the course of their careers, the principals of Riata have sponsored 45 platform acquisitions and over 200 add-ons, totaling in excess of $6.9 billion of transaction value and more than $2 billion of invested capital. And since late 2016, Riata has invested over $500 million of capital into platform companies in its targeted industry sectors of business services, consumer, and healthcare. We strive to be supportive, informed, and strategic partners to help entrepreneurs and management teams bring their companies to the next level.

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Over 100 years of combined experience investing in privately-held companies

Investment Criteria

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Equity investments of $25 – $150 million

EBITDA of $5 – $30 million

Total enterprise value of $25 – $300 million

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Business Services: digital infrastructure and services, information services, tech-enabled outsourced business services

Consumer: sports & outdoor products, beauty & personal care products, health & wellness services, in-the-home and professional services

Healthcare Services: Traditional providers, retail-oriented health/wellness providers, outsourced payer & provider services

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Control and non-control investments

Recapitalizations, buyouts, divisional carve-outs, CEO-led buy & builds, and growth capital investments

Flexible capital structures

Why Riata Capital Group?

Significant Experience and Success in Our Target Sectors

Our investment team possesses deep domain experience resulting from over 100 years of combined experience helping to build market-leading companies in the business services, consumer, and healthcare services sectors. We can be valuable resources in our target sectors, provide a wealth of contacts and relationships, and bring perspective related to industry structure, strategic risks and opportunities, and regulatory and competitive frameworks.

Extensive Network of Relationships

The Riata team is able to leverage its extensive professional network to help recruit key management personnel, bring in functional or project-based experts, facilitate discussions with relevant strategic participants, and build effective, experienced, and highly functioning boards of directors.

Success with Organic and Buy & Build Growth Strategies

The Riata team is highly experienced at implementing a variety of strategies aimed at accelerating the organic growth of businesses. We support these strategies with our capital, access to operational resources, and ability to collaborate with management teams. We also have experience working with companies to source, negotiate, on-board, and integrate add-on acquisitions that previously may have been too large, too risky, or too time-consuming for teams to undertake independently.

Trusted Investment Partners

With over 25 years of private equity experience spanning 200 acquisitions, we understand that we are in a people-first business and that trust, responsiveness, and straight-forward communication are critical to a successful partnership. From the initial meetings through the full investment cycle, the process and how we handle relationships matters. We have years of experience collaborating with entrepreneurs and business owners to creatively structure and complete transactions with solutions that meet sellers’ needs while achieving our investment objectives.